Books ’n’ profiles

We were going to mention this en passant, but we are feeling press-whorish today, so here goes:

We are now the subject of a magazine profile. “Sarcastic and prickly,” indeed.

Whorish enough for you?

Here at NUblog, we used to love picking on Nua (first case; second). The Irish consultancy, formerly a going concern, went mams-up in April ’01. (Some outfit called TechCentral later bought it, but, in the grand tradition of anti-abortion crusaders’ youthful visits to “women’s clinics,” these experts on content management cannot get their servers working, so we are unable to provide a working link.)

It’s a small world after all, and we are perfectly happy to note that Nua majordomo Gerry McGovern has a couple of books coming out:

  1. Content Critical, exclusively revealing “a simple but profound insight: The Web is a medium for publishing content”
  2. The Web Content Syle Guide, promising “Grammar and style issues [including]: the key differences between American and British English [Hot news, shurely?! – NUblog]; how the Web accentuates plagiarism [Not copy and paste, shurely?! – NUblog]; what sort of dash looks best onscreen [We'll tell you right now – &8211; or, under battle conditions, &ndash, surrounded by spaces – NUblog]; the difference between data, content, information, and knowledge; and when and how to date documents [Only with a chaperone – NUblog]”

Dumb-arse managers certainly do need to be told what time it is, so we suppose the resolutely basic why-didn't-you-know-this-already? subject-matter of these books will find a fair market.

Posted on 2001-08-22