We Were There First, Episode IV

We seem to remember sitting around pecking out what we felt should have been rabidly obvious – an objective description of how “free” content is actually the norm, with particular emphasis on cable TV.

Well, it’s been a long month of copycat killings, and we don’t even have Hirsute Connick Jr. seductively chatting us up in a southern accent to show for it.

Aaron Goldberg, writing in something called TECHNOLOGY MARKETING (majuscules sic), goes on a big jag about cable television as a model for the “content” industry.

After considering this problem, it’s become clear to me that the existing cable-TV model can be used as a starting point for turning the free Web into a revenue-generating Web.

Here we interpret “considering this problem” as equivalent to “pretending it’s my own original idea.” To Aaron Goldberg we would suggest training in the discipline known as the literature search.

Posted on 2001-06-18