We’ll rant and we’ll post like true Newfoundlanders!

A defector from the province of Toronto, Jordan Raphael, has covered the NUblog–Edelman contretemps for the Online Journalism Review.

We just loved this part!

[NUblog’s] request was one of several hundred that Edelman received that week, according to Pforzheimer. “Certainly, PR people have to understand Weblogs as a new media outlet, but there have to be some guidelines as to who is valid and invalid as a member of the media,” Pforzheimer says. “If you’re calling up and saying you’re a member of the media, and you’re going to post something, that’s one thing, but if you’re somebody else who just has a site and you want to rant about something, you’re not a journalist.”

Edelman has accommodated interview requests from Webloggers and online journalists in the past, Pforzheimer says. But, he admits, since it’s hard to know whom to trust in the Wild West of Weblogging, he tends to help out bloggers who are affiliated with legitimate news organizations in their day jobs, for example, Dan Gillmor, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News.

Here’s to the difference between posting and ranting!

Posted on 2001-05-16