Edelman to NUblog: You’re “liable”!

Look what we received in the mail today!

From: "Pforzheimer, Harry" <harry.pforzheimer@edelman.com>
Cc: "Penati, Luca" <luca.penati@edelman.com>, "Greenman, Jill" <Jill.Greenman@edelman.com>, "Ballegeer, Darren" <darren.ballegeer@edelman.com>, "Scott, Nicole" <nicole.scott@edelman.com>, "Akbarzad, Suraya" <suraya.akbarzad@edelman.com>, bevans@apple.com, "'katiec@apple.com'" <katiec@apple.com>
Subject: re: Your email and posting
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 15:15:05 -0500

Dear Mr. Clark,

I find your tone and actions completely unjustifiable, malicious, slanderous, unprofessional and creating an extremely serious legal issue for yourself. Further, your request for an interview was not on behalf of a credentialed publication and therefore, you have no claim or right to or for a formal interview. An interview request for an online, non credentialed website and chat room does not provide you with the same access or rights as a credential media publications. Further, your manipulation of the formal correspondence that was sent to you (of which we have kept copies) is unethical and in extremely poor judgment and violates any and all basic rules of journalism, assuming you are a journalist and familiar with such rules.

With those facts present, you have until 5:00pm PDT today to remove and modify your liable statements related to Edelman and Ms. Akbarzad or Edelman will be forced to take immediate and swift recourse. Also, while I can not speak on behalf of Apple on this issue, I would assume Apple will not think highly of your actions or statements or find any of this acceptable.

Harry Pforzheimer
President, Western Region
Edelman Public Relations Worldwide

Posted on 2001-05-01