We love the dapper, arch, erudite Michael Wolff, media critic for some rag or other (actually, New York). Beautiful article on how famous people congregate, how normal they seem among each other, and why. (Fame requires you to watch from the outside in, nose pressed to glass. When famous people “hang,” are they actually doing those things?) Wolff, of course, wrote Burn Rate, the memoir of his own online failures that itself bashes AOL into a pulp in the most genteel and respectable way possible.

Wolff has, however, recently put his foot in it. In an interview, he says:

Online, megalomania equates with hubris, and hubris invites retribution. Think small, work smart, and hire just the right number of staff and you’ll make it.

And if you blow it, write a book. After all, Michael Wolff did.

(Oddball coincidence: We once wrote an article for a company<slash>magazine Wolff founded, NetGuide, on the topic of online music communities. Ahead of our time, as usual. We doubt this constitutes a conflict of interest.)

Posted on 2001-01-12