Let a thousand Volvos bloom!

We described, just the other day, how boring-as-shite “official” artist Web sites are. For the thousandth time, let’s state the obvious: It helps your cause to nourish fan sites.

Latest casualty? ClassicVolvo.com, to which Ford is busily putting the screws.

Third, the case came up when Hans tried to sell the domains earlier in the year. If Ford was really concerned about their brand equity, they should have sent the guy a check. (He wasn’t asking for tons of dough, just US$250,000. Probably close to the legal bill that will be generated by this action.) Ford hasn’t said anything about buying the domains since their lawyers sent the first salvo.

In particular, the less-well-known marques need to appeal to their fanatical fandom core (pace Macintosh). We say this because we are Saab, Citroën, Alfa Romeo, and indeed Volvo fetishists. All those marques are now or recently were in trouble. Anything that stokes the fires of love can only help.

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