Andy Wang, sharpest tool in the shed

Ever read Ironminds? We didn’t much, either. Then we read this interview with majordomo Andy Wang sounding quite up and energetic despite having been ditched by his corporate paterfamilias, Novix.

Wang says he had some reservations about Novix’s plans from the start. “I thought that parts of it were shit ideas,” he says, but it was a chance “to go play with Bill for a while and build something for real, even if they build an inferior product. I thought, if we build something that actually reaches a million people, and they fuck everything else up, that’s still someplace that reaches a million people and we can publish cool stuff on it.”

He says he instantly started hearing from friends in the industry offering him jobs. [We wonder what that’s like. – NUblog] For now he’s holding out while actively pitching Ironminds to potential investors. “I mean, we’re so lean. Ironminds could operate efficiently on $300,000 per year, and if we have $750,000 we can put out more stuff than Salon does. If we can stay alive until January, when a lot of this [dot-com failure] shakes itself out, we’ll still be here, and we’ll be one of the first choices for a pet content project.”

Lots more topics in the conversation, like livin’ large in Manhattan. We admire this Andy Wang. Hire him for your pet content project. Consider this a recommendation.

Posted on 2000-11-01