Catching up

The NUblog has been online since May 2000. (We would peg the first posting with real NUblog zing at June 5.)

Since then, we’ve published over 120 articles containing fully 800 links. Not bad, we think.

And, this week, we become one of the few Web sites (and possibly the only Weblog) with an International Standard Serial Number: 1496-287X. We officially exist as a periodical.

(Weblogs meet the definition of “periodical.” Look up registration details here: Canada, U.S., England, Australia, Netherlands. ISSN is its own .org and maintains a country list.)

Our only complaint is: Our esprit seems to suit the Internet generation, but not the people who actually own Web sites. That disjunction remains frustrating, but it no longer baffles us, because we have met too many of these manager types to be baffled anymore.

Posted on 2000-11-23