Le contenu à l’invers

Hmm. You’ve got these sports “content” sites (sometimes even we cringe at the word – “So how do you live with yourselves?” you ask) “outsourcing” their “E-commerce.”

Whatever the case, Mr. Skipper said he was relieved to be free of E-commerce. “We’re good at creating sports content, aggregating a large audience and working with marketers to sell goods to those people,” he said. “We don’t have expertise in figuring out what jerseys or caps to buy. Retailing is a high-risk business anyway. You exacerbate that risk by not being good at it.”


Isn’t this quite the converse of what we keep yammering away at? If you don’t know how to create good “content,” let people like us do it for yez?

Yes, it is.

And we’re OK with that. As long as everybody ends up happy.

Posted on 2000-10-03