Oh, for gosh sakes. We spend a couple of weeks thinking about and then finally writing some kind of panegyric to a smart Web site run by the seemingly passé men’s magazine for guys who like babes but only in the classiest of ways, Esquire, and then a day later Ironminds does more or less the same thing – and gets blogged in the bible of media queens everywhere, Jim Romenesko’s Medianews.

We do, however, disagree with Ironminds’ Magazine Maven on the value of Esquire’s daily updates:

[T]he site really bolts on the aftermarket parts. Each week brings a fresh batch of book and music reviews, drinking and fashion tips, and no-holds-barred, dare-ya-to-kick-my-ass Dubious Achievements parodies written by Shalom Auslander (a Maven favorite). (Esquire’s Web editor, Brendan Vaughan, claims “Shalom Auslander” is a real person, not a blame-avoiding alias devised by some Esquire sub-editor, although the Maven requires greater proof – bring him the head of Shalom Auslander!)

Fine. So we were scooped.

Posted on 2000-07-15