Weblogs: Too young to be stale

We like to refer to Weblogs as a format. They’re merely a way of arranging information and commentary. Not a particularly original way of so doing, either – it’s widely accepted that the very first Web pages, by Tim Berners-Lee, were pretty much exactly equivalent to Weblogs as we know them now. (Though what pages did he link to?)

In the Weblog format, you find a link that interests you and tell us what you think about it. Or you merely write on a topic that interests you and find related links. Or, in the more diaristic forms, you maintain a journal, with or without links. (The last of those isn’t even a Weblog as far as we’re concerned, but along with the use of access as a verb and the ineradicability of hideous neologisms like repurposing, we have given up that fight.)

The NUblog mixes the first two subformats. But Paul Ford, over at Ftrain, writing somewhat whimsically, has nonetheless come up with further new subformats. It seems that the proliferation of links may not result in endless, hungry, pseudo-pornographic hunting for more and more links, nor may those links exile themselves to the gulag of database.

Some of Ford’s gems:

Do you like apples? Well, how ’bout them apples? Ford then goes on to give possible variations of these subformats. The guy’s a genius.

Posted on 2000-07-25