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Updated 2001.08.07

See also: Anti-censorship policy

The Gay Sports mailing list

Yes, sports fans, there exists an Internet mailing list devoted to gay, lesbian, and bisexual sports topics! The Gay Sports list will accept all manner of discussions on:

  • LGB athletic teams worldwide, including tournaments, results, and the like
  • The Gay Games and the Gay Games movement
  • Homophobia – and gay-positivity! – in sport
  • The special (and commonplace) circumstances and experiences of LGB athletes
  • Media coverage of LGB sports personalities and issues
  • Sports strategies and anecdotes
  • Any kind of discussion of any sports issue

...and virtually anything else that seems relevant. The list is unmoderated, so no one will censor or inhibit messages.

What makes a sport gay? Well, nothing, really – but gay, lesbian, and bisexual athletes often have special concerns, experiences, and goals that they'd like to talk about.

To subscribe, send a message containing the words subscribe lgb-sports (and no other words or characters) in the body of a message to (The subject line is ignored.)

There’s another way: Try sending mail to (or use this link).

To unsubscribe, send a message containing the words unsubscribe lgb-sports (and no other words or characters) in the body of a message to

To send a message to the list so that everyone can read it, mail your message to

Note that the addresses for posting to the list and for subscribing and unsubscribing are different.

If you want to receive the LGB-Sports list as a digest – a few long messages a day containing a number of individual messages instead of all the individual messages as separate items – subscribe first, then send the command set lgb-sports-digest in the body of a message to

If there are any problems, report them to me at

Searchable archives of recent postings are available.

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