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  1. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 22 Apr
    City Staff send Toronto City Council a clear message: don't ban "Israeli Apartheid": http://wp.me/pyhGO-go #PrideTO #topoli #canqueer #bds
  2. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Mar
    Join QuAIA for a conversation with Sarah Schulman and Richard Fund on Israel/Palestine and the Gay International: http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2013/03/05/israelpalestine-and-the-queer-international-a-conversation-with-sarah-schulman-and-richard-fung/ …
  3. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Nov
    Join QuAIA, @TPFF, and @PleasureDomeTO Saturday at 7pm for the Toronto premiere of Mike Holboom's Lacan Palestine: http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2012/11/21/quaia-presents-lacan-palestine-by-mike-hoolboom-in-person/ …
  4. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 Nov
    Dissecting IDF propaganda: The numbers behind the rocket attacks http://mondoweiss.net/2012/11/dissecting-idf-propaganda-the-numbers-behind-the-rocket-attacks.html … via @Mondoweiss
  5. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 Jul
    The Israeli state accelerates apartheid with plans to detain and deport almost 60 000 African migrants http://www.africanglobe.net/africa/israel-begins-rounding-interning-africans/ … MJ Rosenberg ‏@MJayRosenberg 10 Jul
    The Divestment Vote: J Street and Peace Now's Shame http://wp.me/p2gCVK-np via @wordpressdotcom
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  6. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jul
    #PrideTO Dispute Resolution Panel releases reasons for decision in B'nai Brith v. QuAIA: https://docs.google.com/open?id=1WU1tTrgIASmWcyF5aQtZ0KANKuQfGeBS8TK3NhNA7BtLo0dBo9FdVzprVLFy …
  7. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jul
    Law expert: Israel must own that the legal system in the West Bank is apartheid, or extend political rights for all: http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/bombshell-for-the-settlement-enterprise-in-levy-report.premium-1.450170 …
  8. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jul
    ✯ Queers at World Pride 2012 say no to #pinkwashing. "No pride in Israeli apartheid": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHKyw7K5TJ0 … #bds #palestine #queer
  9. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jul
    Veterans of UK's 1st Pride (1972) on stage at World Pride, with Frankie Green flying the Palestine flag: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/425162_418108421565759_1097776048_n.jpg … #pinkwashing
  10. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Jul
    @majdal Sure - send us an email with your details to quaia.toronto@gmail.com
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    sarah colborne ‏@sncolborne 7 Jul
    Great photo tweeted by Worldpride chair Gok Wan '@therealgokwan
    Here's the pic to RT... Thanks tweeties x pic.twitter.com/EdIWHV0Z '
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  11. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jul
    @SuhaibNasir Oh, that hasn't been released yet.
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  12. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jul
    @SuhaibNasir http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2012/06/29/victory-for-quaia-pride-torontos-dispute-resolution-panel-dismisses-bnai-brith-complaint-against-quaia/ …
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  13. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jul
    Palestinian flags at World Pride (London): https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/524086_3706488779142_1335667511_n.jpg …
  14. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jul
    Haneen Maikey on why Israel is no answer for #LGBT Palestinians: http://www.socialistworker.co.uk/art.php?id=28955 … #bds #queer #pinkwashing
  15. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 30 Jun
    RT @bangpound Queers Against Israeli Apartheid to march at Toronto Pride http://j.mp/NgHuJq EFFORTS TO SILENCE @quaiaTO TOTALLY WORKED.
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  16. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Jun
    There is no pink door in the apartheid wall: march with QuAIA at #PrideTO: http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2012/06/29/march-with-quaia-at-pride-there-is-no-pink-door-in-the-apartheid-wall/ … #pinkwashing #queer #bds
  17. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Jun
    @bangpound xo to HAVOQ
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    Eugenio Salas ‏@salas_e 29 Jun
    Sneak peak. Sign making 2 #prideto @quaiaTO http://instagr.am/p/MeXXdPikLz/
    Retweeted by QuAIA AK ‏@aliyak101 29 Jun
    @quaiato #quaia #Transmarch nothing comes clean with pinkwashing http://yfrog.com/es2tshlbj
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  18. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Jun
    @bangpound ...are you in Toronto, by chance?
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  19. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Jun
    Here's the panel's decision (pending reasons) dismissing @bnaibrithcanada attempt to ban QuAIA: http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2012/06/29/victory-for-quaia-pride-torontos-dispute-resolution-panel-dismisses-bnai-brith-complaint-against-quaia/ … #PrideTO #queer #bds
  20. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Jun
    #PrideTO dispute resolution panel dismisses complaint against QuAIA, allows QuAIA to march. Link to decision coming soon.
  21. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 Jun
    More @reggcohn pwnage as veteran gay rights activist, queer Israeli school Regg Cohn on democracy & Pride history: http://www.thestar.com/opinion/letters/article/1212294--rights-issues-are-part-of-pride …
  22. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 Jun
    Second complaint against QuAIA withdrawn by complainant from #prideTO's dispute resolution process.
  23. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Jun
    @bangpound They've already teamed up with local homophobes in the JDL. Now they are promising to continue their attacks on #prideTO funding.
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  24. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Jun
    Pinkwashing: exploiting queer rights to justify injustice - a QuAIA forum June 20, 7pm @ the 519: http://youtu.be/-or-YMU-tkc #tarsands #palestine
  25. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Jun
    Kulanu Toronto withdraws from #PrideTO dispute resolution process it initiated: http://kulanutoronto.blogspot.ca/2012/06/press-release-june-14-2012.html …
  26. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Sep 11
    B'nai Brith joins with far right, gay-hating fundies at Canada Christian College in anti-Palestine rally: pic.twitter.com/kkUj7ZlK
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  27. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Aug 11
    In The Advocate: What's so gay about #apartheid? http://www.advocate.com/Politics/Commentary/Op-ed__What/ … #pinkwashing #bds #israel #palestine #queer #lgbt #lgbtme
  28. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Jul 11
    RT @PQ4BDS Victory: @IGLYO moves out of Israel! http://tiny.cc/rm8b1 #BDS #Palestine #lgbtME #lgbt #queer
  29. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 11
    @mcmurchyd Many of its members have been marching with Palestine solidarity groups in the Dyke March for many years. This is not new.
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  30. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 11
    Day after Knesset passes its bill curbing political speech, Israeli fascist party proposes gov't anti-left inquisition: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4094387,00.html …
  31. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 11
    ✯ @mcmurchyd QuAIA only committed to not marching in #PrideTO's Sunday parade - a commitment that was fully honoured.
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  32. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jul 11
    Mammoliti has his "I am not a creep" moment - http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/07/11/standing-up-for-taxpayers-is-not-creepy-mammoliti-statement/ … Srsly, is he secretly blogging as a lesbian somewhere? #canqueer #PrideTO
  33. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jul 11
    "Middle East's Only Democracy"™ set to restrict political speech rights: http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/israel-set-to-vote-on-controversial-law-outlawing-boycotts-1.372555 … #BDS is working.
  34. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Jul 11
    Between the Western experience and the reality of gay communities (Bekhsoos): http://www.bekhsoos.com/web/2011/05/international-day-against-homophobia-between-the-western-experience-and-the-reality-of-gay-communities/ … via @SaffoPrincess #homonationalism
  35. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Jul 11
    @bangpound email from hammer. DM your email address
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  36. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Jul 11
    Says Hammer in declining fellowship: "It is the least I can do. The most is yet to be seen." #bds #palestine #lgbt #queer #pinkwashing
  37. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Jul 11
    Noted queer & experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer refuses fellowship to attend American Academy in Jerusalem, in solidarity w/ #Palestine. David Sheen ‏@davidsheen 5 Jul 11
    @quaiaTO Mammo attacks anyone using the word 'apartheid' but Parliament's most ardent defender of Israel says it's legit http://bit.ly/mpcotler
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  38. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 11
    @mkuplens Kulanu ED also moved goal posts. First "no 'Israeli apartheid'", now "no pro-Palestinian group" http://www.torontosun.com/2011/07/02/mammoliti-wants-citys-pride-funding-pulled … #PrideTO
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  39. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 11
    Now Mammoliti says the city should not fund #PrideTO if there is "any political messaging at all": http://www.thestar.com/news/article/1019525--city-could-withhold-pride-funding-after-mammoliti-video-captures-political-message … #topoli #canqueer
  40. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 11
    Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (our namesakes) march in Istanbul Pride 2011 http://twitpic.com/5l43t7
  41. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    @nspector4 What's your theory of social change? How were queer rights adopted here? The struggle against homophobia continues here too.
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  42. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    @nspector4 Because you've demonstrated how trustworthy you are, and that you only have their interests at heart? #NoThanks #pinkwashing
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  43. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    ✯ @nspector4 You make a lot of assumptions. We already work with queer groups based all across Israel/Palestine. Try again. #pinkwashing
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  44. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    @stephen_taylor Will you be including that in a compilation of your twitter juvenilia? cc @nspector4
  45. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    @nspector4 Fascinating. Did queers in #Gaza tell you the best way to fight for their rights was to support Israel's siege? #pinkwashing
  46. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    @nspector4 @stephen_taylor But thanks for repeating #hasbara talking points anyway.
  47. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    ✯ @nspector4 @stephen_taylor Actually QuAIA has a member in #flotilla2, joined by other queers from around the world.
  48. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    ✯ Another photo and statement about our banner drop at #PrideTO today: http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2011/07/03/queers-against-israeli-apartheid-drops-a-massive-banner-during-toronto-pride/ … #canqueer #p2ca #lgbtME #bds ✯
    QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 11
    QuAIA drops huge banner at #PrideTO http://twitpic.com/5kqu3q Jonathan Goldsbie ‏@goldsbie 2 Jul 11
    You know, even if he weren't a politician here for the purpose of policing dissent, he would still look mighty creepy: http://twitpic.com/5k6eu0
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  49. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 1 Jul 11
    Wow, we didn't realize the Greek government was so into submission: first to the IMF, ECB, and EU; now Israel and the US. #flotilla2 #Greece
  50. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 30 Jun 11
    .@IGLYO wins #pinkwashing award: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_nfknMR1Rw #BDS #LGBT #queer #Israel
  51. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Jun 11
    Government of #Israel does not deny involvement in #pinkwashing video hoax: http://www.jta.org/news/article/2011/06/28/3088344/flotilla-video-hoax-prompts-questions-of-israeli-governments-involvement … #flotilla2 #hasbara #lgbt #queer
  52. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Jun 11
    .@ggreenwald on US, Israeli threats against peaceful activists on #flotilla2: http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/glenn_greenwald/2011/06/27/israel/index.html … #Gaza
  53. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Jun 11
    RT @salas_e QuAIA got a nice shoutout pushing back against Israel lobby #pinkwashing #AMC2011
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  54. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Jun 11
    @bangpound exposes another #Pinkwashing/#hasbara fraud. Israeli actor played "gay activist" in vid attacking #flotilla2: http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/27/israeli-video-blog-exposed-as-a-hoax/ …
  55. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Jun 11
    With a big dollop of liberal hand-wringing, Peter Tatchell supports #BDS call against @IGLYO meeting in Tel Aviv: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2011/06/27/peter-tatchell-holding-lgbt-conference-in-israel-will-inflame-homophobia/ … #lgbt
  56. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 11
    For surprised city media, a handy snapshot of @TOMayorFord's record on #LGBT issues: http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2011/04/15/rob-fords-record-on-lgbt-issues/ … #canqueer #TOpoli #yyz #PrideTO
  57. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 11
    @DykeMarchTO @cupeactioncaucu Thanks!
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    James Clark ‏@2JamesClark 22 Jun 11
    The fight 4 #freespeech can build broader alliance 4 int'l struggles like #Palestine. http://bit.ly/jyrJPP @quaiaTO #canqueer #PrideTO #p2ca
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  58. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 11
    Correction: The ACT UP! doc is by Jim Hubbard.
  59. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 11
    TONIGHT: talk tactics and strategies with renowned lesbian activist Sarah Schulman, plus a preview of her ACT UP! doc: http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2011/06/15/learning-tactics-and-strategies-with-act-up/ …
  60. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Jun 11
    TOMORROW: QuAIA presents CAMPING: Queer Digital Activism for #Palestine. http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2011/06/15/quaia-presents-camping-queer-digital-activism-for-palestine/ … #canqueer #p2ca
  61. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jun 11
    @tinyfist There are two events, on June 22 about Palestine, and June 23 about #ACTUP, tactics & strategies. Both first come, first serve.
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  62. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jun 11
    QuAIA presents an evening w/ legendary activist Sarah Schulman, followed by Mike Holboom preview, performance & dancing: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=230903313589315 …
  63. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jun 11
    RT @shawnsyms The legendary Sarah Schulman in Toronto! Talking #ACTUP and sponsored by @quaiaTO -- can't wait! http://on.fb.me/lACpSg
  64. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 11
    IGLYO abandons Arab queer youth, signs up for Israel's #pinkwashing campaign. http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2011/06/11/iglyo-abandons-arab-queer-youth-signs-up-for-israels-pinkwashing-campaign/ … #lgbt #palestine #bds #p2
  65. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 11
    ✯ QuAIA to Israel lobby: stop attacking #queer community institutions. http://queersagainstapartheid.org/2011/06/11/israel-lobby-continues-to-attack-queer-institutions/ … #lgbt #palestine #canqueer #p2 #p2ca
  66. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 1 Jun 11
    Key findings of UN report on #Gaza #flotilla raid: http://goo.gl/gW4jY
  67. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 1 Jun 11
    A chronology of the conflict around NYC's #LGBT Center: http://goo.gl/s84H4 - & for the record, NYC QAIA [sic] is not affiliated with us.
  68. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 1 Jun 11
    Freedom for #Palestine: http://www.waronwant.org/freedomoneworld/ (Also: http://goo.gl/d0tep )
  69. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 May 11
    Boycott movement cheers British PM's decision to cut ties with JNF, which owns 90% of land in Israel. http://goo.gl/q0lY8 #bds #palestine
  70. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 11
    With love, from QuAIA: our video deputation to Toronto City Hall. http://goo.gl/tSjxX #prideto #topoli #canqueer #lgbt #palestine #bds
  71. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 11
    RT @rabbleca Queer artist Alvaro Orozco speaks from immigration detention http://bit.ly/kTQyQ9 #canqueer #lgbt #p2ca
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    Ali Mustafa ‏@_fbtm 25 May 11
    Syria death toll surpasses 1, 000: http://bit.ly/ivhVxp #Syria
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  72. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 11
    RT @TorontoStar #PrideTO likely to receive city funding after threats over controversial group http://bit.ly/j55qbz #canqueer #topoli
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  73. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 11
    @maggiesager Thanks!
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  74. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 11
    MT @goldsbie Motion to receive carries unanimously. #PrideTO is safe for another year. #topoli #canqueer #lgbt
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    Meem ‏@MeemBlog 21 May 11
    . @deemsathome @alQaws No one offered to yet, but we'd really love to see http://goo.gl/t8f3o translated #lgbtME #Lebanon #Palestine
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    Ali Abunimah ‏@AliAbunimah 20 May 11
    Government Official Who Makes Perfectly Valid, Well-Reasoned Point Against Israel Forced To Resign http://www.theonion.com/articles/government-official-who-makes-perfectly-valid-well,20499/ … / via @TheOnion
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    Shawn Syms ‏@shawnsyms 18 May 11
    With Love from Le(z)Banon and Pa(lez)tine | http://bit.ly/kdWpS3 | @insideoutTO | Sponsored by @queerontario and @quaiaTO
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  75. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 May 11
    @ManuvSteele Why are you commenting on things you don't know anything about? This year QuAIA is NOT marching.
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  76. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 May 11
    @ManuvSteele Last year QuAIA never said it wouldn't march. So, again, you have uncritically swallowed spin.
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  77. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 May 11
    @ManuvSteele No, actually, the reason is @TOMayorFord's homophobia. Sorry you bought his pretext/spin, though.
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  78. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 May 11
    Queer groups to Ford: hands off our Pride: http://goo.gl/THnMK #prideTO #canqueer #TOpoli #IDAHO
  79. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 May 11
    Proud of Toronto campaign descends on City Hall: http://goo.gl/eeEhw #canqueer #prideTO #TOpoli
  80. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 May 11
    Inside Out and QuAIA present: With Love from Le(z)banon and Pa(lez)tine. http://goo.gl/57C5a
  81. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 May 11
    اريدها فلسطينية- نسوية- مثلية http://goo.gl/lXSDY
  82. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Apr 11
    MT @goldsbie Now Mammoliti says #PrideTO shouldn't be funded if QuAIA does anything during Pride Week at all: http://bit.ly/hOYzbP #canqueer
  83. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 19 Apr 11
    #PrideTO co-founder questions @TorontoStar "understanding of the LGBTQ community or the history and politics of Pride." http://bit.ly/fGUbG2
  84. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Apr 11
    In just a few hours, Mammoliti has already backtracked on his commitment not to introduce #PrideTO motion next week: http://bit.ly/gKmP4X
  85. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Apr 11
    Yet again, we're overwhelmed by all the support from our community today. Thank you! #PrideTO #canqueer P.S. Israeli Apartheid
  86. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Apr 11
    ✯ Elle Flanders: "The community has been generous to us, and it's time for us to be generous in return." http://bit.ly/hycNnh #PrideTO
  87. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Apr 11
    ✯ Queers Against Israeli Apartheid to mayor: Find another pretext for your anti-Pride agenda. http://bit.ly/hl2XAr #PrideTO #canqueer #topoli
  88. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Apr 11
    City Manager: to date, there has been no finding that "Israeli apartheid" is hate speech or a violation of the Ontario human rights code.
  89. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Apr 11
    City Manager: QuAIA participation in #PrideTO & the phrase "Israeli Apartheid" do not violate #Toronto's anti-discrimination policy.
  90. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Apr 11
    QuAIA, @PrideToronto vindicated by #Toronto City Manager's report: http://goo.gl/gtcaX #canqueer #lgbt #p2ca #palestine
  91. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 6 Mar 11
    Michael Lucas's track record of pinkwashing, anti-Arab racism, and Islamophobia: http://goo.gl/TWnEK #lgbt #p2 #Palestine
  92. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Mar 11
    QuAIA calls on #NYC #LGBT Center to stay true to its values, reverse censorship of #apartheid week event: http://goo.gl/T1MnR #Palestine #p2
  93. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Mar 11
    Israeli diplomat quits over Israeli foreign policy that equates criticism of occupation with anti-Semitism: http://bit.ly/gCXQGz
  94. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 2 Mar 11
    Queer Palestinian organizations, Al Qaws and ASWAT, issue letter to the NY #LBGT Center: http://bit.ly/gc6Myc
  95. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Feb 11
    Toronto bathhouse raids 30 years on: sexual & gender liberation and all their contradictions: http://goo.gl/N9RRK #canqueer #lgbt #p2 #p2ca
  96. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 Feb 11
    Muzzlewatch: NYC #LGBT Center's betrayal of its values. http://goo.gl/tWfmq #queer #p2 #
  97. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Feb 11
    Queer scholars, Judith Butler http://on.fb.me/hn3u8p and Lisa Duggan http://bit.ly/hN6I3z write letters to NYC #LGBT Center
  98. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Feb 11
    NYC's #LGBT Center betrays queer history, caves under lobby pressure, cancels Israeli Apartheid Week event: http://goo.gl/KLwp7 #bds #p2
  99. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Feb 11
    What will new #hasbara propaganda strategy be now that "only democracy in the Mideast" sounds like the self-serving hypocrisy it always was?
  100. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Feb 11
    @whitehouse @statedept To state the blindingly obvious, you are an obstacle to peace and democracy in the Middle East. http://goo.gl/nHuFS
  101. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 31 Jan 11
    #Egypt: the democracy threat. "The Middle East’s Only Democracy™ is backing Hosni Mubarak." http://goo.gl/5x8hi via @drdawg
  102. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 31 Jan 11
    GayEgypt.com calls on gays and lesbians to join the struggle for change in the streets of #Egypt: http://goo.gl/1Falh #jan25 #lgbt
  103. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Jan 11
    Viva, viva intifada! RESPECT and #Solidarity with the people of #Egypt. #Jan25
  104. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 Jan 11
    In Suez, site of deadliest #Egypt clashes, Al Jazeera confirms all communications in city cut off–internet, mobile, landlines. #jan25
  105. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 Jan 11
    ✯ #PrideTO audited financial statements show Pride losses due to mismanagement, not QuAIA as claimed by frmr treasurer. http://goo.gl/kQT0D
  106. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Jan 11
    Funny how those who harp that "Israel is the only democracy in the Mideast" go silent when Arabs fight their US-backed dictators. #justsayin
  107. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Jan 11
    Ha'aretz editorial warns Israel not to perpetuate itself as a "condemned, isolated, apartheid state". http://bit.ly/hjrZ6e #palestine #bds
  108. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jan 11
    "Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated." -Mandela #palestinepapers
  109. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Jan 11
    Defend Archbishop Desmond Tutu: http://goo.gl/xaaRy
  110. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Jan 11
    Cdn dep't store The Bay stops carrying beauty products made in an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank. http://bit.ly/hO9HG5 #bds #p2
  111. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Jan 11
    @pridetoronto Community Advisory Panel publishes its full list of targeted consultations: http://bit.ly/ijcDWM #prideTO
  112. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Oct 10
    Israel approves racist loyalty oath. http://goo.gl/t24n #apartheid #bds
  113. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 30 Sep 10
    Forum on queer Arab issues tonight: http://j.mp/9R3AZv #canqueer #lgbt
  114. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 30 Sep 10
    South African academics support U. Johannesburg initiative to end collaboration with apartheid Israel. http://j.mp/biDVnz #bds
  115. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Sep 10
    It was great to meet @nmoawad at today's QuAIA meeting and hear about the amazing queer & feminist organizing being done in Lebanon.
  116. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Sep 10
    From @thenation - Ten Things the Past Can Teach Us Today. http://goo.gl/GPbW (QuAIA mentioned!)
  117. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Jul 10
    Tonight, Wednesday July 14, @AQSAzine launches 3rd issue at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 6pm http://tiny.cc/byi6r
  118. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jul 10
    Toronto Star column equating Israel and Lebanon results in 17 letters to the editor correcting the historical record: http://bit.ly/9Np0wa
  119. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Jul 10
    Xtra article on the role of social media in overturning #PrideTO ban on 'Israeli apartheid' http://bit.ly/cWjXuE #palestine
  120. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 10
    P.S. "Israeli Apartheid" #PrideTO
  121. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 10
    Thanks to the hundreds of you who marched in solidarity with Palestine and the many more who showed us love at #PrideTO - xo quaia
  122. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 10
    Queens against Israeli apartheid. #PrideTO http://twitpic.com/22gwnd
  123. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 10
    Largest Palestine solidarity contingent in #PrideTO history! http://twitpic.com/22g5f9
  124. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 10
    Gearing up for the #PrideTO march: QuAIA and Free Speech Coalition http://twitpic.com/22fz71
  125. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jul 10
    Calling all queers against Israeli apartheid! Meet at Bloor and Jarvis at 1pm to march in #PrideTO - Details: http://bit.ly/9JG4l9
  126. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 10
    Canadian Dimension launches Queer 2, ft. QuAIA, at the Beaver, July 4 at 10pm http://bit.ly/9bswUH #prideTO #canqueer #cdnleft
  127. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jul 10
    Video of Naomi Klein's surprise appearance at our cabaret, courtesy of @rabbleca http://bit.ly/9mmpFg #PrideTO #canqueer #G20
  128. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 2 Jul 10
    Be a part of history: March with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid at #PrideTO 2010! http://bit.ly/9JG4l9 #canqueer #cdnleft
  129. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 2 Jul 10
    NOW Magazine asks Cyndi Lauper about QuAIA: "In a way it is like apartheid." http://bit.ly/8X0a7k #PrideTO #canqueer #Palestine #apartheid ✯
    QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 30 Jun 10
    Tonight at 5 on Church: Everybody who's anybody will be at the People's Pride Gala in the Streets! http://bit.ly/d98HaN #PrideTO #canqueer
  130. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Jun 10
    TONIGHT! Lee's Palace: Cabaret + Afterparty w/ Elvira Kurt, Lorraine Segato, John Caffery, DJ Zahra, LAL +more http://bit.ly/bZTy1c #PrideTO
  131. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Jun 10
    Tonight at 7: Queer activists from Israel/Palestine and the Caribbean speak at the Isabel Bader Theatre. http://bit.ly/9gcZmr #PrideTO
  132. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 Jun 10
    RT @Glen4TC Every group in #PrideTO has to sign, uphold Toronto anti discrimination policy. I'd suggest each Candidate 4 Mayor do the same.
  133. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Jun 10
    The last time the Canada-Israel Committee talked about gay issues before press conference to threaten #PrideTO: http://twitpic.com/1xjmb6
  134. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Jun 10
    The co-president of the CJC until 2009 (still on their board) supports conversion therapy for homosexuality. http://bit.ly/cV8RJN
  135. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Jun 10
    LGBT track record of Israel lobby groups threatening #PrideTO funding at today's press conference: http://bit.ly/9NJavL
  136. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Jun 10
    RT @goldsbie: Ford is likely skipping out on this meeting to attend a press conf. about denying funds to queers. #voteTO #prideTO
  137. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Jun 10
    RT @MattMillsXtra: Rossi, Ford supporting Mammoliti's motion to defund #PrideTO retroactively. #voteTO #canqueer
  138. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Jun 10
    Right-wing militant Zionist group (formerly on FBI terrorist list) plans to confront "Hamasphrodite" #PrideTO parade. http://bit.ly/99WXqR
  139. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Jun 10
    The Mark: The Shame of Pride 2010 http://bit.ly/bQGb2k #PrideTO
  140. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Jun 10
    Tim McCaskell in Canadian Dimension: Queers Against Apartheid, from South Africa to Israel http://bit.ly/aVBlJy #canqueer #lgbt #apartheid
  141. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Jun 10
    Jewish Voice for Peace: Under pressure, #PrideTO reverses censorship of “Israeli apartheid” http://bit.ly/bmwcGi (via @muzzlewatch)
  142. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Jun 10
    "Will TAKE BACK THE DYKE still happen? In two words: HELL YES." Full statement on FB: http://bit.ly/divxPW #PrideTO
  143. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Jun 10
    MataDanze Womyn send open letter about continuing concerns with direction of #PrideTO beyond censorship decision. http://bit.ly/apvVMB
  144. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Jun 10
    Toronto Star: #PrideTO reverses 'Israeli apartheid' ban http://bit.ly/99F8kv #canqueer #Palestine ✯
    QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 10
    We're so proud of Toronto's fierce queer and trans activists, who stood by us and made this happen. Thank you!
  145. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 10
    Queers Against Israeli Apartheid wins battle against censorship. http://bit.ly/cxmjar #PrideTO #canqueer #palestine #cdnpoli
  146. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 10
    US Social Forum cancels Israel lobby group's pinkwashing session for violating anti-racism and transparency policies. http://bit.ly/95gaeW
  147. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 10
    DJ Nik Redman cancels gig at #PrideTO launch in response to marginalization of community groups. FB note: http://bit.ly/d9RYOP #canqueer
  148. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 10
    .@racialicious on Blockorama and QuAIA at #PrideTO and the importance of sticking together. http://bit.ly/asSPas #racism #canqueer
  149. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Jun 10
    QuAIA cabaret at Lee's Palace June 29 with Lorraine Segato, Elvira Kurt, LAL, John Caffery and more! http://is.gd/d0415 #PrideTO #canqueer
  150. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 Jun 10
    Latin queer community meeting on #PrideTO censorship this Wednesday: http://bit.ly/atdwWs
  151. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 19 Jun 10
    SF Bay Area #queer human rights groups protest pinkwashing of #Israel crimes at queer film fest. http://goo.gl/KuTp #lgbt #p2 #palestine ✯
    QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 Jun 10
    Cancelled #PrideTO human rights panel resurrected as QuAIA event with int'l queer activists on June 28. FB event: http://bit.ly/bdggTw
  152. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 Jun 10
    RT @drewdeveaux: VM msg from #PrideTO ED. Guessing i'm consolation pick to be Dyke March Marshall. Rejecting that honour unless ban lifted.
  153. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 Jun 10
    The Guardian on #PrideTO censorship: "What's going on in Canada?" http://bit.ly/d5TvMa #canqueer #cdnpoli
  154. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Jun 10
    Pride Toronto apologizes for trans joke in Pride Guide: http://bit.ly/drQmIe #PrideTO #canqueer #trans
  155. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Jun 10
    Queers to #TOcouncil: Back off! http://bit.ly/d7pxIZ #PrideTO #canqueer #voteTO #ward27
  156. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Jun 10
    What is "gaywashing"? http://bit.ly/bitlUY
  157. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Jun 10
    Student Association of George Brown College stands with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid: http://bit.ly/bKJmPs #PrideTO #cfsfcee
  158. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Jun 10
    The Lesbian Billionaires applaud #PrideTO for censorship and selling out on Facebook: http://facebook.com/PrideToronto
  159. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Jun 10
    How to donate to QuAIA - http://goo.gl/ANJy #prideTO #canqueer #lgbt #palestine #p2 #bds
  160. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Jun 10
    Show solidarity with QuAIA at #PrideTO - http://goo.gl/uKdW #canqueer
  161. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jun 10
    Torontoist cartoon about #PrideTO censorship http://bit.ly/an2mch
  162. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jun 10
    Susan G. Cole asks #PrideTO organizers "who's feeling unsafe now? And what will @pridetoronto do about that?" http://goo.gl/J4WX
  163. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    Jearld Moldenhauer, Glad Day founder, says #PrideTO is "using the same tactics which kept us silent for so long" http://bit.ly/aQvMGh
  164. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    Pride Toronto Cancelled Event of the Day: Still Life, a play by lemonTree Theatre Creations http://bit.ly/c1yG3C #PrideTO
  165. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    RT @muzzlewatch: LGBT leaders in open rebellion against #PrideTO for censoring "Israeli apartheid" http://bit.ly/bFUeF1 #canqueer
  166. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    Amended #PrideTO board resolution uploaded with Canada Council claim removed. Still has false claim about Interpride. http://bit.ly/boyJIV
  167. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    @thesugar Vote breakdown listed at the bottom of the resolution (since removed from their website due to false claims): http://bit.ly/aYtBYd
    View conversation
  168. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    RT @Toronto_PR_Guy Elvira Kurt calls @pridetoronto the "BP" of Pride organizations on CBC #PrideTO #canqueer
  169. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    The Unity Conference has declined the 2010 Youth Leadership Award from #PrideTO in solidarity with QuAIA.
  170. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    RT @ggreenwald Also stupid: RT @avinunu #PrideTO has banned QuAIA because accurate descriptor 'apartheid' 'hurts feelings'
  171. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 10
    Over 100 queer activists march in alternative Tel Aviv Pride, chanting "no pride in occupation" http://bit.ly/cnvH1N #PrideTO
  172. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Chris Tindal: "I think we need an open process." #PrideTO #voteTOin27
  173. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Kristyn Wong-Tam: "The #PrideTO parade does not belong to a city councillor." #voteTOin27
  174. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Evan Dean says #PrideTO is about queer rights "at home". #voteTOin27
  175. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Rob Salerno: Against censorship. #PrideTO #voteTOin27
  176. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Evan Dean, #PrideTO coordinator, supports decision but criticizes City of Toronto. #voteTOin27
  177. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Chris Tindal: "I oppose the decision that was made." #PrideTO #voteTOin27
  178. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Joel Dick: "Has th city handled it properly? No." #PrideTO #voteTOin27
  179. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Susan Gapka: "Censorship makes me feel uncomfortable." #PrideTO #voteTOin27
  180. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Ken Chan doesn't answer question. #voteTOin27
  181. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Enza Anderson: "Take back #PrideTO" #voteTOin27 Justin Kozuch ‏@jkozuch 10 Jun 10
    .@kristynwongtam: "Let's never put corporate interests ahead of people ever again." #PrideTO #voteTO
    Retweeted by QuAIA
    from Church and Wellesley, Toronto
  182. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    .@ddemchuk asks #voteTOin27 candidates about #PrideTO controversy.
  183. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    "Reversing the ban should be the first step," says Natasha Garda of @the519 and former co-chair of #PrideTO http://bit.ly/dd8bSq
  184. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    French gay AIDS activist Didier Lestrade on #PrideTO and Madrid: http://bit.ly/apqWdq
  185. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Letter from all speakers at #PrideTO human rights panel cancelling event http://twitpic.com/1vjcfi
  186. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Jun 10
    Susan Cole on #PrideTO censorship in NOW magazine: "In for a rough Pride" http://goo.gl/osSP
  187. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    Director of UofT Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies @BrendaCossman: "Censorship sucks." http://bit.ly/8Xs4Cv #PrideTO #canqueer
  188. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    In email obtained by @xtra_canada, #PrideTO board member admits participation is down because of censorship, not QuAIA. http://bit.ly/bchff5
  189. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    .@pride_ed quotes Orwell in email: "At no time has #PrideTO taken any position against Freedom of Expression" http://bit.ly/bchff5
  190. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    #PrideTO ED says the number of people against censorship "constitutes at best less than 1% of the community" http://bit.ly/bchff5 #canqueer
  191. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    .@pride_ed claims "the mainstream media has mostly ignored the issue" of #PrideTO censorship, in international email. http://bit.ly/bchff5
  192. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    .@pride_ed says decision to censor #PrideTO was made following pressure from @mayormiller http://bit.ly/bchff5
  193. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    Sandilands claims 40% fewer marketplace vendors because of QuAIA's participation in the parade! #PrideTO
  194. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    Sandilands provides letter from one member of #TOcouncil's right-wing rump as evidence that #PrideTO city funding was under threat.
  195. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    #PrideTO Executive Director sends email to international Pride committees justifying the censorship of QuAIA: http://bit.ly/bchff5
  196. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    Former ED to #PrideTO: "The very people that you should be celebrating... you are barring from your doors with police officers."
  197. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    #PrideTO panel on history of bathhouse raids canceled by moderators and panelists to protest censorship of QuAIA: http://bit.ly/bQvU9x
  198. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jun 10
    Canadian Olympic gold medalist and gay activist Mark Tewksbury: #PrideTO made "a really bad decision" http://bit.ly/bQvU9x #canqueer
  199. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Jun 10
    RT @nowtoronto #PrideTO award winners give back. Not in a good way. More on Pride's Shame Award: http://now.uz/94C5is
  200. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Jun 10
    North by East West: Kids on TV's Caffery cancels Toronto Pride appearance over censorship http://bit.ly/bFdrJG #PrideTO #canqueer
  201. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Jun 10
    While the LGBT community meets to discuss #PrideTO, @pride_ed at a party with "everybody who is anybody in the City." http://bit.ly/dip2zN
  202. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Jun 10
    Photos from last night's packed community meeting and impromptu street march in response to #PrideTO censorship: http://bit.ly/cKtHU0
  203. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Toronto Star: 20 #PrideTO honorees return trophies in protest. http://goo.gl/WlXi #canqueer #lgbt
  204. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    John Caffery of Toronto queercore band Kids on TV will not perform at #PrideTO due to censorship of QuAIA http://bit.ly/bqEN0i #canqueer
  205. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Video of this morning's press conference and Shame Award presentation to #PrideTO from @xtra_canada http://bit.ly/9yWD4K #canqueer
  206. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    The explanation for #PrideTO being closed today: RT @ryanlester We should open the office late in lieu of wknd time more often!
  207. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Globe and Mail: Queers against censorship at #PrideTO http://bit.ly/9oRFso
  208. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Photos from today's press conference are up on the Facebook page of @the519 Community Centre: http://bit.ly/blyBGt #PrideTO
  209. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Co-secretaries general of ILGA resign as #PrideTO international grand marshals over censorship: http://bit.ly/cEdEbC #canqueer
  210. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Presenting the Shame award to #PrideTO http://twitpic.com/1usii3
  211. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    .@johngreyzone "If Kyle, Tracey and Giorgio want to arrest me, fine." #PrideTO http://twitpic.com/1usaxg
  212. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    @pridetoronto QuAIA was the only target of violence and harassment in #PrideTO last year. Yet we are still marching.
  213. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Audience at press conference where #PrideTO honourees are returning their awards in protest over censorship http://twitpic.com/1us120
  214. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Pride honourees at press conference to protest #PrideTO censorship http://twitpic.com/1urxkn
  215. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Past and present honourees give Shame award to #PrideTO for censorship http://twitpic.com/1urx23
  216. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Jun 10
    Twenty-three #PrideTO honourees return awards over censorship. Read their statements here. http://goo.gl/jOeD #canqueer #lgbt
  217. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 6 Jun 10
    Toronto Star: Backlash grows against Pride’s ‘Israeli apartheid’ ban http://bit.ly/9OYvua #PrideTO #canqueer
  218. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 6 Jun 10
    Official #PrideTO event sponsor withdraws in protest: "Funders must not be permitted to dictate the agenda." http://bit.ly/9FwMxZ
  219. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Jun 10
    International LGBTI Association says they will publicly oppose #PrideTO censorship of QuAIA: http://bit.ly/d43Knt #canqueer #LGBT
  220. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Jun 10
    Former #PrideTO staff Sara Malabar on claims about threats to city funding: "either being disingenuous or inept" http://bit.ly/bj7EZ6
  221. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Jun 10
    Mayoral front-runner Keith Cole (@keithadcole) declines offer to host #PrideTO Alterna-Queer due to censorship. http://bit.ly/aOQJwy
  222. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Jun 10
    RT @mmccnn 18 grand marshals, honoured dykes and award recipients to give back awards to #PrideTO on Monday http://bit.ly/9Obz1o #canqueer
  223. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jun 10
    New grand marshals oppose #PrideTO censorship: "We hope that in the end, all groups can march without censorship" http://bit.ly/8Z7lMa
  224. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jun 10
    #PrideTO announces Grand Marshals to replace Dr. Alan Li, who declined the appointment due to censorship. http://ow.ly/1TO5Q #canqueer
  225. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Jun 10
    Sasha Van Bon Bon says Take Back the Dyke March "has been easier to organize than a lesbian orgy." http://bit.ly/9Mmopf #PrideTO #canqueer
  226. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 2 Jun 10
    .@pride_ed says if #PrideTO hadn't caved to Mammoliti, Farrow "would not have had a Dyke March to lead." http://bit.ly/baT0dW #canqueer
  227. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 2 Jun 10
    Toronto Star: #PrideTO honour rejected over 'Israeli apartheid' ban: Farrow second person to decline accolade http://bit.ly/baT0dW #canqueer
  228. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 2 Jun 10
    Jane Farrow rejects appointment as Honoured Dyke of #PrideTO, citing censorship of QuAIA. http://bit.ly/bkceTe #canqueer
  229. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 30 May 10
    United Church minister tells rally protesting Netanyahu that #PrideTO committee has had a "moral collapse" by censoring QuAIA.
  230. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 May 10
    Toronto Star: #PrideTO parade's grand marshal takes a pass #canqueer http://twitpic.com/1s84cx
  231. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 May 10
    Tim McCaskell talks to rabbleTV about #PrideTO censorship and the threat to have QuAIA marchers arrested: http://youtu.be/bt4ZTuyBtyE
  232. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 May 10
    "Our advice is that you hold steady... The majority of people will ignore both sides." - #NavLtd to #PrideTO, March 12: http://bit.ly/aOeqot
  233. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 May 10
    Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East condemn #PrideTO censorship and pressure from City Hall: http://bit.ly/caXDxs [PDF]
  234. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 May 10
    Dr. Alan Li rejects appointment as Pride Toronto Grand Marshal, citing censorship of QuAIA: http://bit.ly/a7WO5x #PrideTO #canqueer
  235. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 May 10
    rabbleTV interviews Nick Mulé from @queerontario on #PrideTO censorship: http://bit.ly/cY4GCE #canqueer
  236. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 May 10
    #PrideTO has removed the board resolution to censor QuAIA from its website due to false claim about Canada Council for the Arts. #canqueer
  237. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 May 10
    Gag gag, ooh la la! Alexis Mitchell and John Greyson's video of #PrideTO press conference: http://bit.ly/boj8fj #canqueer
  238. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 May 10
    Founders of Pride Toronto in 1981 write open letter to Pride Committee condemning ban on QuAIA: http://bit.ly/cbeOxX #PrideTO #canqueer
  239. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 May 10
    Boycott National Committee of Palestine condemns mounting repression against Palestine solidarity activists in Canada. http://bit.ly/aGcpjQ
  240. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 May 10
    @nowtoronto Thanks for the advice, Official Pride Toronto Sponsor 2010! Defeat censorship by self-censoring! #PrideTO #canqueer
    View conversation
  241. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 May 10
    Are you an artist or part of a group scheduled to take part in #PrideTO and want to oppose censorship? Email us: quaia.toronto@gmail.com
  242. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    19 civil society organizations in Palestine have issued a joint statement condemning #PrideTO for censoring QuAIA. #canqueer
  243. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Read the #PrideTO board resolution containing false claim about Canada Council for the Arts. What else was fabricated? http://bit.ly/9twvsC
  244. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Canada Council for the Arts says #PrideTO has promised to issue a retraction on their website.
  245. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Canada Council for the Arts rejects #PrideTO claim that grant denied based on QuAIA, says there was an "internal misunderstanding" at Pride.
  246. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    The form response e-mail from #PrideTO board member @marksinghTO includes a quote from Noam Chomsky, recently banned from Israel. #irony
  247. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Anna Willats speaks out against #PrideTO censorship of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid [VIDEO] http://vimeo.com/12061413 #canqueer
  248. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    U.S.-based Jewish Voice for Peace launches an e-mail campaign against #PrideTO for censoring QuAIA: http://bit.ly/aeJklr #canqueer #cdnleft
  249. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Hudler, Warner, Mulé... and too many more to mention.
  250. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    .@pride_ed says McCaskell, Willats, Fung, Hannon, Dubro, Sasha, Greyson, Popert, Fraser, DJ Zahra don't represent queer community #prideTO
  251. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Queer Ontario: Actions of the #PrideTO board and Executive Director "seriously call into question their ability to run the organization."
  252. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Queer Ontario issues statement condemning #PrideTO for censoring Queers Against Israeli Apartheid: http://bit.ly/ag5iAI #canqueer #cdnleft
  253. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Video of #PrideTO press conference to announce censorship of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid: http://vimeo.com/12048941 #canqueer
  254. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    RT @rabbleca Decision to ban use of 'Israeli Apartheid' angers gay rights activists http://bit.ly/ciyURW #canqueer #PrideTO ✯
    QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Tim McCaskell: "I’ve been arrested before on free speech issues but I’m willing to be arrested again if that’s what it takes." #PrideTO
  255. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    Kyle Rae calls on police to arrest anyone who marches with "Israeli apartheid" messages at #PrideTO http://bit.ly/cFGS58 #canqueer #Ward27
  256. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    #PrideTO accuses a jury of the Canada Council for the Arts of rejecting its grant application because of QuAIA. http://bit.ly/cFGS58
  257. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 May 10
    #PrideTO gets more bizarre: lack of food and sunglasses vendor registration is due to QuAIA, not economy or hiked fees. http://bit.ly/cFGS58
  258. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    #PrideTO cites bottle thrown at QuAIA last year as justification for banning QuAIA. http://bit.ly/bSj0m2 #canqueer (h/t @goldsbie)
  259. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    It has been 2 months and 13 days since Navigator told #PrideTO: "the majority of people will ignore both sides." http://bit.ly/aOeqot
  260. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    RT @ddemchuk It is no longer possible to be a Proud Voice at Pride Toronto. http://bit.ly/bR0SGh #PrideTO #canqueer
  261. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    @goldsbie Surely just a coincidence, but complaints surfaced about his leading questions in #PrideTO focus groups. http://bit.ly/bEF4aa
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  262. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    More right-wing, homophobic BFFs for #PrideTO! National Post says "congratulations" to the board of directors.
  263. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    CTV video coverage of protest against #PrideTO censorship http://bit.ly/cjhZeX - Ignore the factual errors, no vote was passed at #TOcouncil
  264. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    @goldsbie And that bottle was thrown at us by Zionists!
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  265. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    Pride Toronto may have angered the LGBT community, but they collected a few new BFFs today: Giorgio Mammoliti, Rob Ford and B'nai Brith.
  266. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    B'nai Brith, known for alliances with Christian fundamentalist homophobes, issues press release commending #PrideTO http://bit.ly/dcZRgB
  267. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    #PrideTO issues press release blaming City of Toronto for pressure to ban 'Israeli apartheid' - http://bit.ly/b7iWtJ #voteTO #TOcouncil
  268. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    CP24 coverage of protest against #PrideTO censorship: http://bit.ly/9q1Ybu #canqueer
  269. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
  270. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    Toronto Star: ‘Israeli apartheid’ group to defy #PrideTO ban http://bit.ly/ciXnNV #canqueer - includes vote breakdown on Pride board.
  271. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    Great photo of the community rallying against #PrideTO censorship http://twitpic.com/1qz3e6
  272. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    RT @goldsbie Both #PrideTO & Bryant retained the services of Navigator Ltd. // Also Brian Mulroney in Schreiber Inquiry
  273. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    Canadian Press story on the #PrideTO press conference: http://bit.ly/bEldCG #canqueer
  274. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    Thanks to everyone who came out to voice your opposition to #PrideTO censorship. Photos are up on Facebook: http://bit.ly/9ba1mR #canqueer
  275. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    RT @KennChaplin To the Pride Toronto brain-trust: http://wp.me/p2yCJ-U0 #PrideTO #canqueer
  276. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    RT @judyrebick QuAIA invite you to join them in defiance of #PrideTO decision to ban them. Today at 9 30 am 14 Dundonald #canqueer
  277. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 May 10
    RT @colonizedmutant QuAIA banned from Toronto's #PrideTO? wtf? join them tomorrow at 9:30am, 14 dundonald. And get ready to march anyways!
  278. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 May 10
    Bring something to cover your mouth to protest censorship.
  279. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 May 10
    QuAIA defies #PrideTO ban, will submit application tomorrow morning. Join us at Pride press conference 9.30am, 14 Dundonald. #canqueer
  280. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 May 10
    #PrideTO press conference on censorship of QuAIA tomorrow at 10am at their office, 14 Dundonald Street. #canqueer
  281. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 May 10
    Read the letter from gay South African anti-apartheid activist Zackie Achmat that #PrideTO ignored: http://bit.ly/bzKOeF #canqueer
  282. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 May 10
    "Shopworn LGBT Community Group" for sale on Craigslist - starting bid $125,000 http://bit.ly/dbDulS #PrideTO #canqueer
  283. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 May 10
    RT @rabbleca Pride bans Queers Against Israeli Apartheid from marching. Discuss. http://bit.ly/aaV1zL #PrideTO #canqueer #cdnleft
  284. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 May 10
    30 years of a censorship-free Pride in Toronto has come to an end. http://bit.ly/bbyDro #PrideTO #canqueer
  285. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 May 10
    The Advocate: Israel Becomes an Issue at Toronto Pride http://bit.ly/a7bd5H #prideTO #canqueer
  286. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 22 May 10
    Globe and Mail article on #PrideFAIL: http://bit.ly/clvPb7 #PrideTO #canqueer
  287. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    .@pride_ed finally speaks to media... via text message? Says we haven't been banned, just our name. http://bit.ly/9EucJ8 #PrideTO #bizarre
  288. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    Councillor Kyle Rae confirms that #PrideTO has banned QuAIA: http://bit.ly/bwHTth #canqueer
  289. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    Straight man issues press release declaring victory over queer community on #PrideTO http://bit.ly/9vaAM3
  290. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    Xtra reports that @PrideToronto will hold a press conference on Tuesday to unveil the last nail for its coffin. #PrideTO #canqueer
  291. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    "I for one intend to march regardless," says Tim McCaskell, organizer of 1981 bath raids protest http://bit.ly/9W1OMS #PrideTO #canqueer
  292. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    "I'm going to start working on my sign: 'Queers Against Apartheid in, You Know, That Country.'" http://bit.ly/9W1OMS #prideTO #canqueer
  293. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    RT @GhadeerM Quaia banned from #PrideTO preemptively (before they even apply)
  294. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    RT @IyaOmotinuwe i want to know who voted for and who voted against and then i want to know what those 3 board members are going to do now
  295. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    RT @brownstargirl we're all with you! they're not gonna stop us! folks from the bay are coming to Toronto just cause they love you guys!
  296. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    RT @bangpound March anyway. As we chant in Chicago: “Stonewall was a riot! Come on! Let’s try it!” #PrideTO #canqueer
  297. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    RT @IyaOmotinuwe I'M DISGUSTED WITH #PRIDETO what the hell do you think you r doing?! this is bullshit! i will march with QUAIA in pride...
  298. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    Reports: 4 #PrideTO board members voted to ban, 3 members voted not to ban. #canqueer #PrideFAIL
  299. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 May 10
    BREAKING from @PrideToronto board mtg RT @Lichtawoman: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid has been banned from the #PrideTO parade. #canqueer
  300. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 May 10
    RT @AntoniaZ Elvis Costello rocks! http://bit.ly/bzi3XW Will Elton John be next? http://bit.ly/df4qUu #bds #Palestine #Israel
  301. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 May 10
    B'nai Brith press release commends @PrideToronto for "censoring" QuAIA #PrideTO #canqueer
  302. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 May 10
    RT @tdotsomebody: @Pride_ed's actions communicating the msg that I'm not welcome as a Palestinian. This is discriminatory. #PrideTO
  303. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 May 10
    From #prideTO board member: RT @marksinghTO It's official...the lunatics are running the asylum! LOL. // Indeed. ✯
    QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 May 10
    Queers Against Israeli Apartheid will march in #PrideTO 2010 because we are proud of our politics. http://bit.ly/cgiChi #canqueer
  304. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    Xtra: City of Toronto defers #PrideTO defunding motion http://bit.ly/a8mU87 #canqueer
  305. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    How councillors voted on waiving referral of Mammoliti's motion to threaten #PrideTO funding: http://bit.ly/bbNXzi #TOcouncil
  306. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    #PrideTO funding motion has been referred to the Executive Committee's May 17 meeting. See who's on it: http://bit.ly/aLAShd #TOcouncil
  307. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    Vote retaken with Mammoliti voting correctly this time; still referred to Executive Committee. #PrideTO #TOcouncil
  308. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    Mammoliti rises on point of order, says his vote was recorded improperly. #TOcouncil
  309. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    Mammoliti's motion to threaten #PrideTO funding has been referred to the Executive Committee #TOcouncil
  310. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    Debate on members' motions has begun. Watch online here: http://bit.ly/bWXT9i #TOcouncil #PrideTO
  311. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    Mammoliti revises motion to say #PrideTO doesn't have to adopt anti-discrimination policies if it bans QuAIA: http://ow.ly/1Kc0I #TOcouncil
  312. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 May 10
    #TOcouncil will vote today on the Israel lobby's motion to cut city funding for #PrideTO - Watch online at http://bit.ly/bWXT9i #canqueer
  313. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 May 10
    National Post on #PrideTO: Pay for your own festival! Unless it's a hot air balloon festival. We like those. http://bit.ly/a5FArd #canqueer
  314. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 May 10
    Councillor Mammolti says his homophobic past has nothing to do with his campaign to cut #PrideTO funding. http://bit.ly/9ViiZp #canqueer
  315. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 May 10
    QuAIA member Elle Flanders: "We can't ALL be antisemites, can we?" http://bit.ly/9nB9cG #prideTO #canqueer #TOcouncil #voteTO
  316. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 May 10
    Will City Council follow Harper's lead by cutting #PrideTO funding? http://bit.ly/dmJb9U #canqueer #TOcouncil #voteTO #ward27
  317. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 May 10
    @Glen4TC That's covered in our FAQ: http://bit.ly/bNTYCx // Oh, and let us know which Palestinian state you're talking about.
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  318. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 May 10
    We can't get enough of straight people writing in the National Post what #PrideTO should be about, so here's another! http://bit.ly/df1JzF
  319. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 May 10
    John Greyson sends a music video request to Elton John to cancel his concert in #Israel: http://vimeo.com/11584285 #bds #palestine #canqueer
  320. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 May 10
    Video from Action Palestine in Manchester, UK includes QuAIA in highlights of the global #BDS movement. http://bit.ly/dskWVg #palestine
  321. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 May 10
    Rabkin: "By campaigning to ban QuAIA, they only confirm what many have long suspected... Israel is an apartheid state." http://ow.ly/1IqDd
  322. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 May 10
    Toronto Star on Mammoliti: "If there is one Torontonian to whom all those policies appeal, I would like to meet them." http://bit.ly/aaBmmW
  323. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 6 May 10
    Screen capture from anti-#PrideTO lobbyist's computer http://twitpic.com/1lksu0 #canqueer
  324. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 1 May 10
    United Jewish People's Order issues letter of support for QuAIA in #PrideTO, accuses opponents of McCarthyism http://bit.ly/aJfU4A #canqueer
  325. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Apr 10
    Speaker of Israeli Knesset says one state solution better than two states. http://bit.ly/9Ns1au #p2 #bds
  326. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Apr 10
    @CJCongress You seemed to have room for hate last year when your co-president was anti-gay Rabbi Reuven Bulka. http://bit.ly/cV8RJN
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  327. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Apr 10
    Rob Ford in 2006: "If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn't get AIDS probably, that's bottom line." #canqueer #voteTO
  328. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Apr 10
    Giorgio Mammoliti on homosexuality in 1994: the "body parts aren’t complementary. They don’t fit together." #canqueer #voteTO
  329. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 Apr 10
    Independent Jewish Voices objects to false claims of anti-Semitism as excuse to censor #PrideTO [PDF] http://bit.ly/dqWO03 #canqueer
  330. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 Apr 10
    Make sure you respond to @SueAnnLevy within 2 hours and 43 minutes or she will say you "did not respond to a request for a comment."
  331. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 Apr 10
    Toronto Sun Breaking Investigative Exposé: Ford and Mammoliti don't want to fund #PrideTO http://bit.ly/9GcYoq #canqueer #voteTO #TOcouncil
  332. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 Apr 10
    Vancouver's Seriously Free Speech Committee condemns City of Toronto's threat to #PrideTO funding. http://bit.ly/dovc46 #canqueer
  333. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 Apr 10
    Queer Arab magazine does Q&A with new group Palestinian Queers for Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions: http://bit.ly/d0uwyI #lgbt
  334. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 Apr 10
    City's threat to Pride Toronto condemned internationally http://bit.ly/bsRVDH #PrideTO #CanQueer #cdnpoli #cdnleft #voteTO
  335. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Apr 10
    Israeli queer group condemns City of Toronto's attempted censorship of #PrideTO http://bit.ly/9f8En5 #canqueer
  336. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Apr 10
    Joint letter from queer groups in Palestine condemns threat to ban QuAIA from #PrideTO http://bit.ly/bYu49V #canqueer
  337. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Apr 10
    The Israel lobbyist who is threatening #PrideTO funding produced a song. I AM NOT KIDDING. http://bit.ly/bkbo8P #canqueer #lulz
  338. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 23 Apr 10
    A legal campaign in Israel for equal citizenship for Jews and Arabs: http://bit.ly/anZxRv #bds
  339. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 22 Apr 10
    Letters to the Editor in the Toronto Star (incl. Richard Fung, Gay Asians co-founder) on #PrideTO funding: http://bit.ly/dglYAz #canqueer
  340. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 Apr 10
    Blackness Yes! asks if early queer activists would have been banned by #PrideTO "for carrying posters that make people uncomfortable."
  341. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 Apr 10
    "Pride Toronto should embrace free expression, even if it means less cash", writes @MattMillsXtra - http://bit.ly/cRai30 #canqueer #prideTO
  342. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Apr 10
    Video of Elle Flanders taking on Martin Gladstone on CBC's Power & Politics: http://vimeo.com/11097116 #PrideTO #canqueer #ohsnap
  343. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Apr 10
    Elle Flanders: "There's only one reason why it might be cancelled and that's Martin Gladstone. He's the party pooper." #PrideTO
  344. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Apr 10
    COMING UP AT 6:30: Watch the #PrideTO showdown between Elle Flanders and Martin Gladstone on CBC online: http://bit.ly/9coHi6 #canqueer
  345. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Apr 10
    Elle Flanders to face off against the lobbyist who threatened #PrideTO funding on CBC News Power & Politics tonight. #canqueer
  346. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Apr 10
    Press release: LGBT community condemns sponsor interference in #PrideTO - quotes from #canqueer activists http://bit.ly/aK0AX2 #cdnpoli
  347. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Apr 10
    Marcus Gee of the Globe, who endorsed Stephen Harper in 2006, tells the queer community what #PrideTO is about. http://bit.ly/aswoCi
  348. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Apr 10
    Gay activist Tim McCaskell appears on AM 640 to defend Queers Against Israeli Apartheid: http://bit.ly/acQsAO [AUDIO] #PrideTO #canqueer
  349. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 19 Apr 10
    RT @Mondoweiss Toronto threatens to withdraw #PrideTO funding if Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is allowed 2 march http://bit.ly/9H5JzA
  350. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 Apr 10
    An "uncomfortable" moment at #PrideTO 2009: http://twitpic.com/8zovf [NSFW]
  351. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 Apr 10
    Toronto Star: City may cut Pride funding over 'Israeli apartheid' marchers http://bit.ly/c2MDLx #prideTO #canqueer #voteTO #TOcouncil
  352. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Apr 10
    Queer theorist Judith Butler speaks to students at UC Berkeley in favour of Israeli divestment bill: http://bit.ly/cAJfJN
  353. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Apr 10
    RT @cheesybearpun community meeting about #prideto moving blockorama, again. 6 pm @ the 519 tonight. #canqueer
  354. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Apr 10
    RT @AntoniaZ National Puke runs lying editorial and column and then ''corrects'' with letter to ed. http://bit.ly/arhW2u #prideTO #canqueer
  355. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Apr 10
    US group Jewish Voice for Peace on "The Israel Lobby's Smear Campaign and Toronto Gay Pride" http://bit.ly/9xW7MO #prideTO #canqueer
  356. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Apr 10
    Brad Fraser: "When the National Post is advising us how to run the Pride Festival we have truly lost our way." http://bit.ly/bFLai8 #PrideTO
  357. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Apr 10
    Newsflash: rightwing newspaper calls on the City of Toronto to withdraw its support for #PrideTO http://bit.ly/aWtg7x (via @xtra_canada)
  358. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Apr 10
    National Post wants to axe funding for #PrideTO, claims "parade of horribles" includes Nazis. http://bit.ly/ctkp8q #canqueer
  359. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Apr 10
    Group behind @BMFCJC's "Nobody Knows I'm Gay" tee is holding a redesign contest. Tweet your slogan ideas! #NobodyKnows
  360. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Apr 10
    Anti-gay leader weighs in on the #PrideTO controversy? RT @CharlesMcVety These attacks on free speech are shameful. #canqueer
  361. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 1 Apr 10
    RT #PrideTO board member @marksinghTO: Someone should enshrine my Freedom from Nutty Activists in the Canadian Charter of Rights. #CanQueer
  362. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 31 Mar 10
    In comment on Xtra story, City Councillor Kyle Rae says he is protecting Pride from... Kyle Rae. http://bit.ly/atBWfO #PrideTO #CanQueer
  363. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 31 Mar 10
    QuAIA statement on Martin Gladstone's campaign of lies and defamation. http://bit.ly/cO6Xcx #PrideTO #CanQueer
  364. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 31 Mar 10
    Thanks to the National Post for letting us know that we also operate a group called "Dykes Against Israeli Apartheid (DAIA)". (?!)
  365. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 31 Mar 10
    National Post article compares #prideTO parade to "Nazi Germany". http://bit.ly/acCNkp #canqueer
  366. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 30 Mar 10
    Toronto City Councillor Kyle Rae pressured #PrideTO to ban QuAIA: http://bit.ly/d93j6c #canqueer
  367. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 30 Mar 10
    Co-founder of Lesbian Avengers Sarah Schulman boycotts Israeli universities. http://bit.ly/bAM0mc #lgbt #canqueer
  368. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 Mar 10
    RT @ArielTroster Khaki: Since when is #PrideTO NOT political? Why are straights telling queers how to run Pride? (at PSAC conf.) #CanQueer
  369. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 25 Mar 10
    Toronto Sun's Sue Ann Levy calls us anti-semitic and Martin Gladstone claims we wear "Nazi memorabilia." (?!) http://bit.ly/b21Kcj
  370. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Mar 10
    Recommended reading for @Glen4TC: http://bit.ly/axT4Vl - Let's talk!
  371. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 22 Mar 10
    Canadian parliamentarians accepted more free trips to Israel last year than to any other country. http://bit.ly/cSOJeP #bds
  372. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Mar 10
    "Will Amy Goodman be delayed at the Detroit-Windsor border and asked repeatedly if she plans to speak about the Pride Parade?" on @rabbleca
  373. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Mar 10
    RT @rabbleca Pride Toronto to censor parade signs, hires Navigator PR firm. http://bit.ly/cgDyyK #PrideTO #canqueer
  374. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Mar 10
    Yes, that's the same guy #PrideTO was liaising with on their parade censorship policy. http://bit.ly/d9fZyz
  375. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Mar 10
    CEO of Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre on #PrideTO: "Why does it have to include politics?" http://bit.ly/aAMgzK (via @scottdagostino)
  376. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 19 Mar 10
    RT @mondoville today on Mondoville — 'Fear of a sanitized Pride rains fresh rhetoric on gay parade': http://bit.ly/aDTb1M #PrideTO #CanQueer
  377. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 18 Mar 10
    Activists to Toronto Pride sponsors: Support free expression (@xtra_canada) http://bit.ly/99ID8d #PrideTO #CanQueer #LGBT
  378. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 Mar 10
    "Last time I checked, freedom of expression did not require a policy." - Peter Bochove on #PrideTO censorship controversy #CanQueer
  379. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 17 Mar 10
    #PrideTO anti-censorship group hits 1250 members, @KristynWongTam calls for public meeting. http://bit.ly/98P5O8 #CanQueer
  380. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    Navigator PR firm to @PrideToronto amid backlash from 1,100+ people: "Our advice is that you hold steady." http://bit.ly/bqmcAm #cdnpoli
  381. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    RT @mondoville trending today: Facebook eruption over #PrideTO sign approval — Pride Toronto developing "free expression policy" #CanQueer
  382. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    #PrideTO participants must follow Freedom of Expression Policy that has not yet been developed: @pride_ed http://www.bit.ly/9D7aR1 #CanQueer
  383. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    To hear response from @pride_ed to leaked emails, listen to the @xtra_canada audio interview: http://bit.ly/9D7aR1 #PrideTO #canqueer
  384. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    Another leaked e-mail shows @PrideToronto sent its "Ethics Committee" press release to a pro-Israel group. http://bit.ly/d9fZyz #PrideTO
  385. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    Leaked e-mail shows Navigator instructions to @PrideToronto: "The majority of people will ignore both sides." http://bit.ly/aOeqot #PrideTO
  386. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    @ddemchuk It appears that #PrideTO is removing documents from their website that conflict with their history of events. Black is white!
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  387. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    Uploaded #PrideTO 2009 parade policies since they were removed from their site: http://www.bit.ly/aNhuJd - Signs didn't require pre-approval
  388. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Mar 10
    #PrideTO anti-censorship group now at 1,100! @pride_ed still claims pre-approval of messages not new! http://www.bit.ly/cSoVfm #canqueer
  389. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Mar 10
    #PrideTO censorship controversy hits the blogosphere: http://www.bit.ly/cEb0IQ - How long until Navigator tells them to back down? #CanQueer
  390. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Mar 10
    Direct link to leaked e-mail showing Navigator focus groups for #PrideTO were stacked with Israel supporters. http://bit.ly/crsLxn #CanQueer
  391. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Mar 10
    #PrideTO focus groups were stacked. Leaked e-mail posted to free speech FB group: http://www.bit.ly/cSoVfm #CanQueer
  392. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Mar 10
    #PrideTO anti-censorship Facebook group now 750+, questions raised about Navigator PR firm's involvement. http://www.bit.ly/cSoVfm #canqueer
  393. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Mar 10
    If you want to see last year's #PrideTO Terms and Conditions, click here: http://bit.ly/bwN1iW - Note lack of pre-approval of signs/messages
  394. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Mar 10
    #PrideTO ED contradicts press release, claims new message vetting policy is not new. http://www.bit.ly/cSoVfm #canqueer
  395. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Mar 10
    3 days after their press release, @pride_ed suddenly says it's all just "misinformation and lies". http://bit.ly/a6nmMQ #PrideTO #canqueer
  396. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 13 Mar 10
    #PrideTO free speech FB group now 600+! - http://bit.ly/cSoVfm - E-mail tracey@pridetoronto.com b4 new rules are released Monday! #canqueer
  397. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Mar 10
    In 24 hours over 500 have joined FB group for free speech at #PrideTO. New rules may be released on MONDAY. E-mail: tracey@pridetoronto.com
  398. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Mar 10
    RT @pridetoronto New #PrideTO Parade + Dyke March terms to be rlsed Mon eve, if u still have Qs, email our ED #canqueer #PRfail
  399. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Mar 10
    Thanks for all the RTs. Overnight, the #PrideTO free speech FB group has grown to 250 members and counting! http://bit.ly/cSoVfm #canqueer
  400. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Mar 10
    Join the Facebook group! Don't sanitize Pride: Free expression must prevail http://bit.ly/cSoVfm #prideTO #canqueer #lgbt ✯
    QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Mar 10
    Great #queer event tonight at Toronto #IAW #bds
  401. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Mar 10
    Udi Aloni interviews Judith Butler on being #queer, #BDS, binationalism, and Jewishness. http://bit.ly/9FWiAR #lgbt
  402. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Mar 10
    @xtra_canada: "You don't see Western human rights activists demanding the same level of accountability from their own domestic governments."
  403. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 4 Mar 10
    QuAIA at Israeli Apartheid Week: http://bit.ly/9Xgo1H #bds
  404. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Mar 10
    Concerned about @JamesPasternak and @TDSB_Chris censoring Toronto public school students? Send an email to trustees: http://bit.ly/at9dIF
  405. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 2 Mar 10
    Toronto District School Board has banned its students from organizing Israeli Apartheid Week events, thanks to @TDSB_Chris #censorship
  406. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Sep 09
    RT @Kim1811 Toronto Declaration press conference now LIVE on rabbletv: http://rabble.ca/rabbletv #tiff
  407. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Sep 09
    A Celebration of Solidarity: Filmmakers respond to TIFF's Tel Aviv Spotlight. Monday at 7pm. http://bit.ly/166b4E #tiff09
  408. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 8 Sep 09
    Call for action: tell IGLTA that apartheid Israel is not for #LGBT leisure tourism. http://bit.ly/1403rD #bds
  409. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 7 Sep 09
    Sign on to the Toronto Declaration against Brand Israel's Toronto Film Fest climax. Sept. 8 is last day to sign. http://bit.ly/14EyQO #bds
  410. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Aug 09
    RT @DanaGoldstein It's a paradigm shift when Edgar Bronfman writes publicly that #Israel is trending toward "apartheid." http://bit.ly/cHZLj
  411. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Aug 09
    RT @xtra_canada Queers Against Israeli Apartheid @FierteMTLPride http://twitpic.com/e508f
  412. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Aug 09
    RT @TadamonMontreal Queers come out against Israeli apartheid at the 2009 Montreal Pride parade! http://bit.ly/19705O
  413. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Aug 09
    Going to Montreal for Pride, wondering if @BMFCJC can lend us some t-shirts. http://bit.ly/18mH3O
  414. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Aug 09
    Global #LGBT movement not inclusive of other rights issues: Rasha Moumneh. http://bit.ly/wVGzl
  415. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 10 Aug 09
    Islam recognizes homosexuality: Muslim scholars' conference in Indonesia. http://is.gd/2aA2l #LGBT #p2
  416. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 6 Aug 09
    Aid appeal for gay Palestinian: http://tr.im/vLs7 #LGBT
  417. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 5 Aug 09
    QuAIA's statement on homophobic shooting in Tel Aviv: http://tr.im/vChM #LGBT #p2
  418. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Aug 09
    RT @ApartheidIsrael Majority of Israel's dominant race want the racial minority out of the country http://ow.ly/iWgR #apartheid #israel #p2
  419. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 3 Aug 09
    RT @ismpalestineTake action against suppression of Palestinian non-violent resistance in Bil’in http://tr.im/vlix #palestine #p2
  420. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 2 Aug 09
    RT @UnionSt A must-read post from a gay Israeli on the Tel Aviv attack: http://bit.ly/GmtpJ An honest look at #LGBT in Israel.
  421. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 1 Aug 09
    RT @georgiastraight United Church of Canada to debate boycott, divestment, and sanctions for Israel http://tr.im/uXIj #bds
  422. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 Jul 09
    What gays should know before going to Saudi: http://tr.im/u9Vg #gayrights
  423. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 Jul 09
    Granny Boots - QuAIA edition! Tomorrow, Wednesday, 7pm at the Gladstone. Followed by Fresh toDef. http://tr.im/tnpc
  424. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 19 Jul 09
    Ken Loach withdraws film from Melbourne Film Festival. http://tr.im/t5HU #bds
  425. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Jul 09
    RT @JerusalemBureau My latest article: Israeli soldiers' chilling testimonies show why 100s of innocent killed in #Gaza http://bit.ly/XE35E
  426. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 09
    RT @fastforgaza Gaza: 1.5 million ppl trapped in despair. Report from International Committee of the Red Cross http://tr.im/s3sA #Gaza
  427. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 09
    UK imposes partial arms embargo on Israel b/c of Gaza. http://tr.im/s3rx #bds #gaza
  428. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 09
    Queer Jews will not be silenced (facebook note). http://tr.im/rZZn #bds #palestine
  429. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 09
    Naomi Klein tour of Israel/Palestine boosts Israeli boycott, divestment, sanction movement. http://tr.im/rZXB #bds
  430. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 09
    Boycott gay tourism to Israel. (from Bay Area Reporter) http://tr.im/rZTu #bds
  431. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 12 Jul 09
    Gay panic at CJC, Toronto Star. http://tr.im/rZUK
  432. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 9 Jul 09
    Israeli queers call for boycott of gay tourism to Israel: http://tr.im/rveN #bds
  433. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 29 Jun 09
    180 with us at the Dyke March, over 200 with us at the Pride parade! Thank you for your support! #prideTO
  434. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 28 Jun 09
    Queers Against Israeli Apartheid assembling at 1pm, Church and Bloor (location M362), for #prideTO - http://quaia.org
  435. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 27 Jun 09
    Wow, 180 in the QuAIA contingent in today's Dyke March! See you tomorrow at the Pride parade! #prideTO
  436. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 26 Jun 09
    Toronto queers speak out against Israeli apartheid on video. http://bit.ly/Fuf0c
  437. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 24 Jun 09
    Join Nice Jewish Boys Against Israeli Apartheid at #PrideTO this year http://bit.ly/nkMB6
  438. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 22 Jun 09
    Come out against apartheid! March with queer activists who fought against South African apartheid in the 1980s in this year's Toronto Pride!
  439. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 21 Jun 09
    Last chance to be in the QuAIA video for Pride! Filming on Monday between 4 and 6.30 pm. E-mail mitchell.alexis@gmail.com
  440. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Jun 09
    Banner-making party for Pride on Sunday the 21st, 11am to 4pm! Email us for details: quaia.toronto@gmail.com
  441. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Jun 09
    Israeli queers protest Israel's propaganda use of gay rights; point out Israel lobby's ties to gay-haters. http://tr.im/pa7Z (Sry 4 repeat)
  442. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Jun 09
    Don't ask, don't tell about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine: Israeli LGBT activist's poster: http://tr.im/pb7W (6 MB PDF)
  443. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 20 Jun 09
    Queering Apartheid 101: Today at 3pm, Ryerson. http://www.queersagainstapartheid.org
  444. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 16 Jun 09
    Friday, June 19: Huevos, queer Latino dance party, fundraiser for QuAIA! http://bit.ly/huevos
  445. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 15 Jun 09
    QuAIA meeting Monday, June 15th at 7pm. E-mail for details.
  446. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Jun 09
    The Sun attacked anti-apartheid activists in the 80s, and used to attack gay rights activists and fan homophobia. We must be winning.
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  447. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Jun 09
    Meanwhille, by targeting and identifying El-Farouk Khaki as a "Muslim" for no apparent reason, isn't it the Sun that is being racist?
  448. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Jun 09
    Toronto Sun attacks QuAIA, calls us anti-semitic, w/o examples, evidence, or trying to contact us. http://tr.im/ot1b & http://tr.im/ot1q
  449. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Jun 09
    Wow. Check out TimeOut Tel Aviv's incredibly racist, homophobic front cover. http://tr.im/osRx
  450. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 14 Jun 09
    The boycott, divestment, sanction movement against Israeli apartheid scores two big successes: http://tr.im/oqns http://tr.im/oqnP
  451. QuAIA ‏@quaiaTO 11 Jun 09
    RT @Razaniyyat: Israeli minister and rabbis call for Pride parade to be banned http://bit.ly/oe5f4