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BookCamp presentation

Along with Scott Boms, I appeared at BookCamp 2010 on 2010.05.15 talking about typography and structure of electronic books.

I was going to do what I always do and post notes and links from our talk, for which Scott and I were thoroughly prepared. For the first 12 hours after the presentation everybody was all smiles and issued nothing but compliments about what was, to any reasonable observer, an intelligent and informative presentation. But those 12 hours have passed, and now all I’m getting is second- and third-hand character assassination, which, after all, is what the cyberbullying medium known as Twitter does best.

Hence no, nobody will be getting any notes, links, or even any mention whatsoever of this event from this moment onward. What else do you expect? I’m supposed to just sit here and take it? Character assassination can’t be tolerated or appeased.

Updated: 2010.05.16 13:12

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