Joe Clark: @media 2005: Day 2

Zoom the Web:
The problem of giant fonts

Notes from a presentation given 2005.06.10 at the @media conference, London

See also: Day 1 & index

Today I’ll be talking about low-vision users. I’ll be introducing some concepts related to the use of giant fonts on the Web. I’m going to propose a few solutions that are rather untested as yet. That will give you some food for thought, and maybe a bit of a homework assignment. I’m hoping you can all come away from this conference with a new accessibililty technique you can try out on your own sites, because this is something that desperately needs a wider range of actual practice.


Not just for blind people anymore

What’s the problem?

What are we not talking about?

Who gets the last word?

Introducing the zoom layout

Steps for a zoom layout


Problems? Yeah, we got problems.

Er... is that it?


I now have a zoom layouts page that I really need to update more.