Privacy policy for test of Web-site accessibility

Thank you for participating in our test of the accessibility of a Web site. We want to provide you with the following assurances of privacy and protection and retention of personal information in compliance with federal legislation (the Personal Information and Protection of Electronic Documents Act).

Information we collect

In the course of the survey, we will collect such information as:

Anonymous and generic

The test will result in a written report. All subjects will be dealt with anonymously in that report, and personal details will be generalized. For example, a hypothetical subject named Jane Doe, age 41, who has some residual vision, would be described as “Ms. A, early 40s, low-vision.” E-mail addresses, phone numbers, and street addresses will not be published. None of the information mentioned in this paragraph will be passed on to the client whose site we are testing.

Since computer, Web, and screen-reader usage are intrinsic to this study and are generally not personally identifiable, those details may be reported precisely.

Retention of information

The experimenter will retain the information collected in this study indefinitely. The confidentiality provisions listed above will remain in effect indefinitely.

Checkout data

If, in the course of the study, you use a demonstration account to buy merchandise online at the client’s site, your information will be purged by the client at the end of the study. Demonstration accounts will not actually have buying power and do not result in actual purchases.

Client session

A representative of the client may, with your permission, accompany the experimenter to watch the experimental session.


The experimenter may take photographs of your computer setup, but no people will be visible in the photos. The photographs may be published; if so, other identifying details will be blurred or otherwise removed.

Possible honorarium

If it becomes possible to provide you with an honorarium (e.g., in the form of a gift certificate or account credit), you may be required to register with name, postal and E-mail addresses, phone number, and similar information to claim the honorarium. The privacy policy of the client governs the collection, use, and retention of that information in that case.


My signature below indicates that I give informed consent to these privacy terms and consent to participate in this study.

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