Pre-screening questionnaire

Question Participant A Participant B
Age Late 30s Early 40s
Sex F M
Preferred term – Blind/Visually-impaired/Low-vision/other Blind vision-impaired
Years considered thus “All my life” 32
Any other disabilities, like hearing impairment? No No
Years using a computer without screen reader Never 2
Years using a computer with screen reader 20 7
Years using the Web 4
How much experience do you have with online shopping or E-commerce? (None/Some/A lot) A lot Some
What screen reader version do you use? Jaws 5 Work: Jaws 5.1; home: Jaws 4.51
Browser version? IE6 IE6
Previous versions of either? Jaws 3.7; IE5 Jaws 3; IE4
Proficiency in the operating system [Windows]? (Poor/Fair/Good/Very good/Excellent) Very good Fair
Proficiency in screen reader? Very good Good
Proficiency in browser? Excellent Good
Other adaptive technology used? Braille display Work: Braille display
Do you use headphones or speakers? Work: mostly headphones; home: mostly speakers Work: headphones; home: speakers
Do you ever use your screen reader with sighted people present? “Not very often” Yes
Things you find easy or difficult on the Web (Very difficult/Difficult/Average/Easy/Very easy)
Audio Easy Average
Buying things online “Sometimes easy” Difficult
Forms Easy Average
Graphics and images Difficult “Not applicable”
Navigation – that is, moving to different portions of a Web page “Average but time-consuming” Easy
PDFs Difficult Very difficult
Reading text on Web pages Easy Easy
Tables Average “Not applicable”
Using bookmarks Easy Easy
Video “Don’t usually bother” “Not applicable”