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Second submission of comments
on access to literary works
by people with print disabilities

The following is my second submission to the Library of Congress’s Notice of Inquiry and Request for Comments on the Topic of Facilitating Access to Copyrighted Works for the Blind or Other Persons With Disabilities.

Location of this submission

This submission, dated 2009.11.10, is permanently filed online at My previous response is located at

If you aren’t reading this in HTML in a browser, then the Library of Congress has created an unauthorized derivative work.


My position has not changed. I reiterate the points in my previous submission. In particular:

“Any additional possible methods of improving accessibility”

To respond to ¶4 of the notice’s “Subjects of Inquiry,” additional possible methods of improving accessibility are as itemized in my previous submission. The most important steps are to remove limitations on delivery format and limitations on who can produce alternate-format materials. To give a concrete example, a for-profit company should be legally empowered to create a talking book in MP3 if that’s what a blind person wants.

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Posted: 2009.11.10

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