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Right-wing assholes in Canada:
A research project


Every now and then, I assign myself a research project. A previous such project disproved the media myth that “the gay community” is rich.

In 2017, I’m making a bet to myself that I will be able to finish the following project:

  1. Read most or all the literature on right-wing assholes in Canada, and critique and summarize it.

  2. Do what I have repeatedly assailed purple-haired keyboard warriors for being too chickenshit to do: Emulate Stieg Larsson and get to know right-wing assholes personally.


  1. Stieg Larsson, a real journalist who knew neo-Nazis and other right-wing assholes in Sweden personally.

  2. Daryl K. Davis, a black man who has befriended Klansmen for decades.

  3. Updates

    First, look at my blog posts about right-wing assholes. (Includes announcement of this project.)

    Barbara Perry research paper

    I read about a research paper purporting to document the current reality of right-wing extremists in Canada. After a bit of a battle, its lead author, Barbara Perry, deigned to give me a copy of it, which I read and critiqued. (2017.02.16)

    Updated: 2017.02.26 12:35

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