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I’m maintaining a personal archive of interviews with, and recordings of, U of T professor Jordan B. Peterson. My emphasis here is on publishing audio files of YouTube videos, because we all have better things to do that sitting fixedly at a computer watching a video when we could just listen to it. You can also download much more usable versions of Peterson’s PDF of his book Maps of Meaning.

Peterson’s own podcast

Peterson now has his own podcast. To subscribe to any podcast, all you need is its RSS feed:

iTunes, Apple, and SoundCloud all are completely independent from podcasting. Podcasts are audio files published by RSS. You don’t need iTunes or Apple for a podcast, and SoundCloud files aren’t podcasts. This may be the first time you were told any of that.

YouTube interviews & features

Audio files now have much more complete metadata and custom artwork, as they should have all along. And I rediscovered my friend Jeremy Keith’s Huffduffer service to create RSS feeds of assemblages of audio files.

Subscribe via RSS

Download, save, listen

You can save these alternative files wherever you wish (and, for example, add them individually to your podcast player, if, like Overcast, it allows you to do so).

Available items
Date Description & source Alternatives
2017 March 16 PragerU live chat Audio only (.MP3)
March 11 Strengthen the Individual (presentation at Ottawa Public Library; includes Q&A): Audio only (.MP3)
February 27 Milo, Free Speech & Postmodernism Audio only (.MP3)
Student & Teacher Audio only (.MP3)
February 11 Presentation in and at Oren Amitay’s class Audio only (.MP3)
February 4 Generation Screwed (Toronto Action Forum) Audio only (.MP3)
January 22 Speakers Action Group (file isn’t trimmed to include just Jordan, but does include Q&A) Audio only (.MP3)
2016 December 14 Frank Nilsen (unbearable Norwegian accent) Audio only (.MP3)
December 13 James Hergott (Hergott Show, Episode 3) Audio only (.MP3)
December 9 Steven Crowder:
  1. Interview

  2. Uncut Web extended” interview

Audio only (.MP3):
  1. Interview (trimmed)

  2. Uncut Web extended

December 4 The Bridgehead (Jonathon Van Maren; YouTube) Audio only (.MP3)
November 29 Jonathan Pageau:
  1. Part 1 (“Tradition and Things That Don’t Fit”)

  2. Part 2 (“The Metaphysics of Pepe”), from 2017 January 3

Audio only (.MP3):
  1. Part 1

  2. Part 2

November 21 Sam Sholli (None of the Above) Audio only (.MP3)
November 19 Debate on Bill C‑16 (one of several versions) Audio only (.MP3)
November 11 Theryn Meyer Audio only (.MP3)
November 5 Gavin McInnes Audio only (.MP3)
October 27 “Where Do SJWs Come From?” (interview with Peterson and Christine Brophy; YouTube) Audio only (.MP3)
October 11 Gad Saad (Saad Truth 265) Audio only (.MP3)
September 16 Peterson and John Vervaeke Discuss the Meaning of Life Audio only (.MP3)
May 5 Walrus Talks: Tolerance as a Vice Audio only (.MP3)

Other interviews

You can download these directly at source. And, despite having disclaimed iTunes above, in some respects it is easier to simply search for "Jordan Peterson" and "Jordan B. Peterson" (with quotes) in the iTunes Store.

  1. Debate on TVO’s The Agenda

  2. Vin Armani

  3. Bryan Callen

  4. Patrick Coffin (released many months late)

  5. Steven Crowder again

  6. The Dark Room

  7. Sam Harris:

    1. What Is True?

    2. Meaning and Chaos

  8. Honey Badger Radio

  9. Lions of Liberty (sic)

  10. Stefan Molyneux Episode 3591: No viable stable link, and I’m not giving you an URL containing /#/ that will cease to work if you look at it funny. Also: Atrocious Skype audio quality. (At some point Peterson will have to buy a real mike and learn to record his side of the audio in interviews)

  11. CBC Out in the Open (disingenuous hostess)

  12. Jesse Lee Peterson: December 13 episode MP3 (direct link; beware)

  13. Reality Calls

  14. Renegade Report

  15. Joe Rogan

  16. Dave Rubin

  17. Duncan Trussell

Not included so far

Peterson’s own lectures and monologues.

Maps of Meaning

Peterson’s book Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief was published by Routledge in 1999. Peterson offers two technically unworkable PDFs of the book for download. I improved those PDFs were possible.

Jordan’s original PDF, dated 2002 (avoid)
Improved PDF: Has bookmarks and index; is a tagged PDF but is not claimed to be accessible; does not and will not link endnotes to their references; awful typography could not be improved; many typos even in headings fixed in bookmarks
Jordan’s original Russian PDF of Карта смыслов, dated 2009 (also avoid)
Marginally improved PDF: This file is so technically broken that the improvements are slight. Even the character encoding is broken, so good luck always seeing Cyrillic characters. Bookmark addition was impossible. Tags added; indexing was pointless

To properly republish Maps of Meaning would mean converting it to a well-tested ePub file so one could read it as an E‑book. I don’t see that happening. But! There’s a Kindle version.

Finally, a bit of advice for anyone writing about Bill C‑16

Peterson rose to prominence in 2016 by discussing the implications of the Canadian federal legislation know as Bill C‑16. You do not write the name of that bill with a hyphen (the normal character you see on your keyboard, typically between 0 and =). You have to use a nonbreaking hyphen, otherwise your carefully measured words about this legislation will seem to be talking about Bill C‑
16 (with unwanted linebreaks in the middle of what should be inseparable character sequence).

(First time you’ve heard of that, too? Good thing you come to my site, then. You learn things.)

You have to use a nonbreaking hyphen even on Twitter and Facebook, because lines break there, too. (You won’t. The House of Commons homepage for that bill doesn’t, either.)

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