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Pride Toronto Dispute Resolution Process

A set of documents are available here concerning Pride Toronto’s Dispute(‑)Resolution Process, set up in 2011 as a claimed arm’s-length panel charged with investigating complaints about violation of Pride Toronto rules. In reality, though, the DRP was set up to enable Pride Toronto to avoid showing the courage to ban the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) from Pride parades and marches when it had the chance.

Complaint against QuAIA, 2012

On 2012.06.27, I filed a complaint against QuAIA under the Dispute Resolution Process. Now withdrawn and superseded by the revised complaint, May 2013.

Procedural application, 2013

On 2013.04.04, I filed a procedural application on various matters.

Revised complaint, 2013

On 2013.05.10, I filed a revised complaint against QuAIA.

Complaint against TD, 2015

A complaint I filed in 2015 (PDF) against Pride’s chief sponsor, TD, was simply ignored.

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